Our robots pallet, saw, mill, drill, grind, assemble, move and build together. They work precisely and at a breathtaking speed in all these and many other applications – often for up to 24 hours a day. Our product portfolio includes one of the most extensive SCARA model ranges worldwide, 6-axis robots, controllers and software.

Automation is easy

Robotics solutions operate in factories all over the world in many different applications including production, quality control, transportation, recycling, cleaning and maintenance. Automation benefits all types and sizes of business to improve productivity, energy and resource utilisation, and Epson’s entry-level SCARA robots and compact 6-axis VT6 models make the entry price for robotics more accessible than ever.

Taking the first step on any automation journey can be a daunting task. Download our guide as we walk you through the what, how, where and why and support you in making informed decisions to build the case for automation in your business.

Watch the videos below and learn more about how easy automation is

Featured products


Our most compact six-axis robot, providing maximum efficiency within the smallest footprint. Also extremely manoeuvrable thanks to an inwardly-orientated second axis.


Epson’s LS-series robots are making great inroads into areas which were previously only served by very linear systems or other less flexible robots.



Modern automation solutions must meet a few simple requirements - they need to be as fast as possible, as small as possible, as inexpensive as possible. Epson can offer you a wide range of high-speed and high-precision industrial robots.

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Service and Support

How do you efficiently integrate an automated system into an existing operation? How do you optimise cycle times? How do you integrate robot programmes into external software? Our application engineers are there to assist you during the project management and implementation phase.

From project management to implementation

Whether you need to find a local service centre for your existing Epson robotics installation, you want to create a whole new setup or integrate Epson robots with your existing implementation, or just find the way to get the most out of your robots and controllers, our highly-trained experts are here to help.

Technical Support
Phone: +49 (0) 211 5422 9009

Feasibility studies

Instead of theoretical simulations, we can create cycle time tests with actual physical robots. These studies offer multiple benefits: you receive the optimal robot configuration, the best possible installation site and accurate cycle times before your investment. This provides you with maximum planning and project security.

Production without interruption

Hotline service, on-site repair service, inspection and individual maintenance concepts, as well as spare part packs tailored to your individual requirements are only a few examples demonstrating that we do everything we can to ensure your production operates without interruption.

Hotline and spare parts service

Keeping your own spare parts handy can result in high storage costs. We provide you with a spare parts management system which gives you access to all the assemblies and components that you need. All spare parts are delivered within short lead times from our central warehouse in Meerbusch.

Phone: +49 (0) 211 5422 9009

Preventive maintenance

Whether on a standard or tailored service contract, with preventive maintenance, you increase the life of your system while reducing the risk of downtime to a minimum. We're happy to assist you with the creation of an effective maintenance plan.

Repair service

Our robot systems are well-known for their excellent reliability. If damage is caused due to an accident or if critical parts must be exchanged after thousands of operating hours, our engineers will support you by phone or on site.

Our focus is your solution

At our 500m² Industrial Solutions Centre in Meerbusch, we and our partners present effective solutions for the most diverse range of industrial applications. The areas covered include large-format printing, retail solutions and factory automation.

Experience our full range of robots in action. In a workshop cell, you can develop, simulate and optimise your automation application with the help of our experts. The cell can be controlled and networked via all standard fieldbuses. Additionally, state-of-the art peripherals such as vision and conveyor tracking systems are available.

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Local service and support

In many European countries, Epson works in cooperation with
distributors for the sale and service of the robots.

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